Lederhosen (Leather Trousers)

Exclusive Handmade Products!


Deer Leather

For Lederhosen we produce in our own workshop we use nothing but chamois tanned deer leather. This leather is tanned with cod oil and colored with the tree bark of logwood. Every corner of the leather is a hand-selected product of nature.


When you visit us and decide on a pair of tailor made Lederhosen, we take your measurements and look for the best and most beautiful piece of leather. The leather is then cut for the trousers and will end up having four pieces cut out plus the extra pieces such as for pockets, etc. To ensure that your Lederhose still looks great and maintains its form after many years of wear, special stress areas are reinforced with extra leather on the inside. Then the Lederhose is ready to be embroidered.


For this purpose the Leistl, or pattern, is glued on with special glue made from rye and water. The customer's desired embroidery pattern is drawn on with gummi arabicum. The knee length Lederhosen are different from the short Lederhosen in that the former uses a white, lock-stitch embroidery pattern while the short Lederhosen usually have a normal embroidery stitch in green thread and a pattern of oak, grape, or ivy leaves. It then takes anywhere from 10 to 35 hours to embroider the Lederhosen. The time necessary depends upon the pattern selected.


When all of this work has been completed, the trousers are sewn together and the measurements controlled. To finish the trousers, all the stitching is controlled one more time. Finally, the pants are brushed down and the last check is done. Now the Lederhosen are finished and are waiting to be worn by their proud owners. The time necessary to complete embroidered trousers depends on the embroidery and ranges between 25 and 70 hours.