Da Lederhosenkramer

Thomas Jurczyk
Westenriederstr. 41
80331 München
Tel. 089 24203982

Opening Times

Tuesday-Friday noon-6pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

Exclusive Bavarian Fashion

Handmade products

Quality from Bavaria

Our handmade deer leather trousers, shoes, vests and knitwear all come from local craft producers. Everything we produce ourselves is sustainable and complies with top environmental standards! Two minutes walk from Viktualienmarkt and Isartor we offer all the advice you need to make your choice!

Lederhosen (Leather Trousers)

Chamois deer leather tanned with cod oil and colored with the tree bark of logwood.


Colorful high quality traditional silk, velvet and cotton vests from our own production.


Calf leather brogues and plattler shoes, made in Bavaria and Austria!


Traditional cardigans, jackets, stockings and socks. Best quality from Upper Bavaria!